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Atlantic Group – Connected Electric Heaters


Groupe Atlantic wanted to show how important heat is for life in order to strengthen their position
as France’s leading provider of heating from electricity.

The idea was to show how life could flourish in even the most hostile environment provided there was warmth.

A glass cube was constructed and transported to a spot in British Columbia 2,400 meters above sea-level and where temperatures were often as low as -30° C.

The cube was divided into two sections. Hibernating life forms were placed in each and blocks of ice positioned above them. As the electric heaters did their work, the ice melted to provide water for the plants below.

Within 37 days the interior of the cube was a blaze of colour and life with flowers and butterflies thriving, while outside the conditions remained icily severe.

A documentary film was made about the experiment:

However, the first step in raising awareness of the initiative and of the film was to mail key influencers and electrical heating retailers a flower grown inside the cube, fixed in a block of resin.

As yet unknown though the film won two Golds at Cannes in Filmcraft.

Our thoughts
In the good old days for the print industry, direct mail was often used as a broadcast medium. Hundreds of thousands of people would wake up to the same message on their doorstep. Around 98% of them binned it immediately.

Today, better targeting as a result of sharper data means mailings are seldom in huge numbers. But that doesn’t mean to say the medium’s effectiveness is any way reduced. Quite the opposite. Take this mailing. It went to around 100 people, that’s all. But it reached a million or more.

To get an audience for the video, Atlantic Group needed to charm journalists and bloggers into doing it for them. And this is how they did it, not with an email or a text but with something concrete. Something they’d want to keep on their desks, something of intrinsic value.

Cube 1

A glass cube was placed in one of the most inhospitable landscapes on earth.

Cube Day 1

A short film documented the transformation as just two electric heaters provided enough warmth for the plants inside the cube to take seed and flourish.


To help raise awareness of the story and to drive traffic to www.heatislife.com, journalists were mailed one of the flowers grown inside the cube.

 Leo Burnett Paris
 Atlantic Group
Connected Electric Heaters
DM, Digital

Executive creative Director:
Xavier Beauregard
Art Director: Jerome Gonfond
Copywriter: Hadi Hassan Helou
Concept creators: Jerome Gonfond, Hadi Hassan Helou, Thomas Czarnecki, Christophe Corsand

French Production Company: QUAD
Canadian Production Company: LA CAVALERIE
Executive Producer: Michel David
TV Producer: Antoine Grujard

Account Director:
Regis Perrone
Account Manager: Veronique Khayat


Patrick Collister
Patrick Collister

Editor Directory Magazine

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