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Before you experience amazing, hear amazing



Lexus wanted to pre-launch the Lexus LC, their first entry into the luxury sports coupé market dominated by Porsche, Mercedes and BMW. The target market? The most sought after wallets in Australia. Time-poor individuals with diaries full of amazing events, who wouldn’t think twice about the LC’s $200,000+ price tag. If they once got behind the wheel of an LC, they’d want one. The difficulty was persuading them to attend a track day.

How do you get people, who can go anywhere they want, to go where you want them to?



Few things in life are as visceral or as head turning as the roar of a sports car’s engine. In the case of the LC, Lexus engineers have tuned the engine to create an angry, melodic V8 symphony that revs the earbuds and stirs the spirit.

The idea was to bring the sound of this finely-tuned engine to life for the target audience and in so doing, create an irresistible invitation. Once they had the perfect recording of an LC on a racetrack, a Direct Mail pack was delivered that was as much an experience as an invitation.

The cover was a front-on shot of the LC, but the iconic grill was die cut to reveal the heart of the pack – a Harman Kardon Bluetooth speaker. Recipients needed to pair their phone with the speaker, and then were directed to a microsite featuring a life-size ‘Start/Stop Engine’ button. When pressed, the Lexus LC’s unique engine roared from the speaker – the sound of amazing (click here to experience the sound yourself). As well as the emotional thrill of the engine’s roar, the pack also told the more rational story of craftsmanship around the refinement and tuning of the engine.



The pack was an overwhelming success. Lexus reported 100% of drive day capacity has been filled for the first three rounds of track days. While pre-orders have well and truly exceeded targets for launch.



People with money are hard to reach, let alone hard to impress. And yet time and time again luxury brands have turned to good old Direct Mail to get through to them. Because it works.

As I keep saying, mail is the original interactive medium. And rich people are still people. They need to be engaged somehow or another. That’s what this mailing does. It’s high quality and gives them a free Harmon Kardon speaker so it tells the recipient (s)he is important; and then it engages by promising a pleasant experience (the throaty rumble of a V8 really is a pleasure!) if they pair their phone with the speaker.
You’ve got to spend a bit to make a lot. And this mailing would have justified every penny of its costs.

Patrick Collister
Patrick Collister

Editor Directory Magazine

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