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Ben E. Keith Uses Lumpy Mail to Increase Trade Show Appetite


Ben E. Keith, a distributor of food service products and premium alcoholic beverages, located in

North Little Rock, Arkansas, frequently uses hospitality and food trade shows to showcase their newest

products. The company had committed to participating in a new event in Memphis, Tennessee and

wanted to maximize their return by attracting restaurant owners, chefs and others in the industry

to this event.

Purpose : Drive booth traffic to this single-day food expo.



Over 160 individuals stopped by the booth and registered, which yielded a 52% response rate.



The targeted audience was restaurant owners and chefs in the Memphis, Tennessee area.


They wanted to use unique techniques to engage prospects and drive booth traffic.

After determining the objectives and incentive, an Alaskan Cruise, two mailings were created

to attract and engage the target audience. Ben E. Keith had a database of 305 prospects and sent

them an invitation via a traditional style A6 mailer.

This was followed with a lumpy mail box that included a customized card and luggage tag, inviting

recipients to stop by the booth and register for the grand prize of an Alaskan Cruise.

The mailer box, which was approximately 3.75” x 6.5” x 2”, looked very similar in shape and size

to a “fried pie” box made famous by a national fast food chain.

On the outside of the box, the words “Need A Vacation?” were boldly and prominently displayed

along with the Ben E. Keith logo. Anyone in the restaurant or food industry knows how few and

far between vacations are, so these words were chosen as they would certainly resonate with the

recipients. Additionally, the unique size alone of this lumpy mail piece would capture the attention

of the mail recipient. Inside the box was a personalized note card inviting recipients to visit

the Ben E. Keith booth during the food show and register to win the grand prize of an Alaskan Cruise.

Additionally, to reinforce the idea of a much needed vacation, a Ben E. Keith branded luggage tag

was included in the box as well.



The main reason for success was a clever design that caught the attention of the recipient combined with a great offer.


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Bart Neyt
Bart Neyt

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