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Brick – The Fit Nesting Dolls


Many people start the new year determined get fit.
However, nearly 80% of people who join a gym in January quit within
five months and only about 50 percent go on a regular basis.

Brick’s wanted to encourage their members to keep up with their membership
and stay motivated to reach their fitness goals. As a secondary objective,
they wanted to attract new members to the NY, Chicago and LA locations.


Progressive workout plans were established and these transferred into the shape of nesting dolls.
Each stage of the plan was represented by a different doll, keeping the benefit of exercise right in sight.

Each set of dolls carried a flash drive with a 5-month fitness plan customized for new Brick members.
Losing weight or preparing for a triathlon? There was a plan for everyone.
The dolls were designed so the different layers got thinner though not much shorter from each other.
They were then 3D printed and illustrated by artists around the world, according to the different workout goals.

FitNestingDoll2  FitNestingDoll4 FitNestingDoll5  BRICK 4

Direct mail was used to send the “Fit Nesting Dolls” to new members in New York, Chicago and L.A.
as an incentive to stick to their new year’s resolutions and follow their personalised keep-fit plan.
All the different dolls were displayed on Brick’s website along with stories from gym members about
how the mailings helped them maintain their work-out routines.

Posters and social content helped promote the initiative.

With the Fit Nesting Dolls, Brick reminded everyone about the benefits of working out and gave their members all the support and information that they needed to reach their goals.

What’s lovely about this idea is that it is visualized data but 3D rather than 2D.
The role of mail was crucial simply because recipients would (a) have been tickled by the doll they were sent and
(b) would almost certainly have left it on a mantelpiece or a table top, where it served as a constant reminder of the original good intentions.

Where a press ad or a TV spot live in the moment, mail has this ability to stick around.

Even better, a fun idea like this starts conversations. Real conversations as well as online chat.
It is an inherently social idea, which Brick tapped into with the ‘stories’ section of the website,
where members posted their personal triumphs.




Patrick Collister
Patrick Collister

Editor Directory Magazine

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