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Credit Card balance Transfer – A racy little number


FNB’s Balance Transfer facility offers a helping hand to Credit Card customers.
By allowing customers to transfer outstanding debt on their Credit Card’s straight facility to the budget facility at
a discounted interest rate, they get more affordable, consolidated repayments – thus bringing them into
the black rather than the red on their financial statements.
The task was to find a way to tell customers about it, help them understand it, and take action.

Race! Black or white or red or whatever colour you wish. It’s always been an issue of contention – especially in South Africa.
It’s no different to your financial situation. Black is good. Red is bad.
Quite the opposite of what the Old South Africa used to be like.
Agency drew on the history to illustrate how being black is actually a good thing.
A parody was set up, utilising old signage as it was portrayed in the old Apartheid era and integrated some humour in what is
ultimately a very serious issue. South Africa would be great if everyone was black…

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Direct mailers sent out: 50 000 Response rate: 61% (30 512 responses) Consolidated debt: ZAR 36614400

Our thoughts
I often ask marketers what the desired response is when they plan a campaign. Obviously you want people to buy your product or service.
But before that, what do you want people to do when they first see your communication?

In this instance, the response would have been a gasp.
To play the race card in a country as sensitive to issues of colour as South Africa was bold.
The client who agreed to it, brave. However, the rewards of bravery are to be seen in the results. A 61% response rate for a
financial services mailing must be close to a record. Banks usually just dream of 2% or thereabouts.


First National Bank (FNB)

Credit Card balance Transfer

A racy little number

Direct Mail

South Africa

Date of campaign
September 2013

Action Ambro’s



Executive Creative Director: Andrew Ambrogioni

Creative Director: Renier Mostert

Art Director/Design: Ryan Tarboton

Copywriter: Renier Mostert

Account Manager: Warren van Rees



Production: Anrich Ligthelm

Patrick Collister
Patrick Collister

Editor Directory Magazine

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