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DHL Express. The Imported Ad


The brief was to get small business owners in Australia to choose DHL Express when importing their precious goods from overseas markets.

Rather than just talk about DHL’s speed and reliability, Clemenger Proximity set out to prove it. They placed an ad in English in the Shanghai Business Daily on Monday clearly stating that the recipient would be reading it by Thursday. Then they dispatched the newspaper to their target group.

By making their delivery deadline public, DHL left people in no doubt that they were a freight company people could rely on.

Amongst the most lucrative cross-sell segment, the Imported Ad increased the response rate by 85%.

Our Thoughts
Years ago, Ogilvy One in London had an idea like this to demonstrate the quality of DHL’s service. The idea was to set a stopwatch running, then put it in a package and mail it to a Delivery Manager. At the time, DHL didn’t want to risk it.
Clearly the service has sharpened up because in these days of Tweeting and status updating, if a company gets it wrong, everyone knows about it fast.
It makes this mailing doubly reassuring to those who received it. It is not only a  demonstration of the speed of delivery but also of DHL’s faith in their own people.

DHL Express
The Imported Ad
Flat mail
Date of campaign:
October 2012
Clemenger Proximity Sydney

Creative team
Copywriter: Tom Russell
Art Director:Katrina Jarratt
Creative Director: Rebecca Carrasco

Production credits
Print Producer: Henry Welch

Other credits
Planner: David Halter
Senior Account Director: Cate Stuart-Robertson
Group Account Director: Emily Perrett
Designer: Tim McPherson
Executive Creative Director: Paul Nagy

Patrick Collister
Patrick Collister

Editor Directory Magazine

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