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Disney’s direct mail pack in combination with digital, results in 700,000 registering for children’s Change4Life



England is currently facing increasing rates of obesity, a third of Britain’s population is overweight,

79% of parents are not recognizing this issue and 41% don’t believe that it is a serious problem.

Guidelines suggest that 1 hour of moderate/intense exercise should be undertaken every day.

This exercise improves not only health related issues, but self-confidence and social abilities.

The task was to create a campaign to successfully engage children to complete their guideline

amount of exercise throughout summer holiday, especially when parents are low on funds and ideas.


The Case Study

A previous government campaign, Change 4 Life, teamed up with Disney to create a behaviour

change intervention targeting 7-9 year olds. Featuring children’s favourite Disney film characters

such as Frozen, Big Hero 6, Toy Story and Monsters INC, it focused on concentrating the children’s

physical activity in 10 minute bursts called ‘shake ups’ rather than maintaining their attention for

the entire hour. The Activity Pack contained posters and stickers and a ‘shake up’ wristband with

a timer; children could only do fun and interesting rewards if they’ve completed all their ‘shake-up’s

for the week. The pack has a wide variety of 57 shake up games which accommodate for being alone,

outside, indoors and with friends also includes wildcards for children to create their own shake ups.


This campaign was a huge success, with mass appeal with 700,000 registrations which was 22%

above forecast, with similar numbers logging on in week one (373,000) as there were in week six

(327,000) demonstrating that the campaign was successful in engaging children’s attention

throughout the whole of the summer holidays.  The campaign managed to engage both parent

and child, the parents gained follow up emails throughout the 6-week intervention clearly describing

the benefits maintaining their motivation to encourage the child to continue. Print and digital’s

collaboration provided this award winning behaviour change intervention for kids which could

be used on or offline. Wristbands have been selling on eBay provides further proof of just how

valuable people found the campaign.  Direct mail silver award winner 2015.


source: http://www.printpower.eu/



Bart Neyt
Bart Neyt

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