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Dyno-Rod (British gas) – Rusty Pipe Mailing


No-one thinks about drain-clearing services until they have a problem.
Yet every year hundreds of businesses get blocked drains.
What they want then is someone to come and deal with the problem quickly and efficiently.

The challenge was to make an impression on the minds of office managers before the event so that
when a blockage occurred they would instinctively turn to Dyno-Rod.


Cardboard tubes were designed to look like sections of a rusty pipe.
Inside the tube was a piece of screwed up paper, blocking the tube.
When the recipient pulled out the scrunched up note, it read: If only every drain was this easy to unblock.

Simple, to the point, memorable because it was very different to the more functional direct mail managers would have been used to.

There was a 17% response rate, managers asking for more information.
But how many others kept the mailing as a reminder is unknown.

Research in the UK has shown that, on average, addressed mail gets kept for 17 days.
Catalogues are kept for even longer. A piece like this may have lasted far longer in the
offices of many managers in the full expectation that one-day disaster was almost certainly going to strike.

Even if it did get thrown out, two things would have helped it embed itself in the recipient’s mind.
First, the fact that the recipient handled it – looked at it, opened it, extracted the note and smiled. You can’t do any of that with an email.

Second. The fact that it was very different to all the other worthy but dull stuff that came through the letterbox that morning.

Agency: BLAC/Feel
Client: Dyno-Rod (British gas)
Product: Drain clearing services
Title: Rusty Pipe

Country: UK

Creative team:
Executive Creative Director
: Chris Arnold
Art directors: Chris Arnold, Victoria Gallardo
Copywriters: Chris Arnold, Aidan Hawkes

Director: Paul Tully

Account Director:
Jon Duckworth

Patrick Collister
Patrick Collister

Editor Directory Magazine

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