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Foot Locker – The Holiday Card That Delivers


For their first-ever digital collaboration, Foot Locker and Jordan Brand wanted
to create buzz and drive sales of Jordan products during the holiday season.


Everyone loved receiving holiday cards.
The question was, could Foot Locker help their customers get more from the cards they sent?
What if the cards could double up as Christmas lists?

That was the idea behind The Holiday Card That Delivers,
a website that encouraged teens to create a wish list disguised as a holiday card.

At the site, they could design their cards and customise them with the specific items of clothing and footwear they wanted.
Then the card was mailed out to parents, grandparents, anyone who might be looking for ideas of what to give.


1-FootLocker-Print-A    3-FootLocker-Print-B

Results pending

Our thoughts
This is a story of technology. Not so much the technology of computers and social media but how digital technology is transforming the print industry.  Every single card that got mailed out was unique –
both in design and in the selection of Foot Locker products selected.
Personalisation like this is incredibly powerful.
It wasn’t just the fact that the target audience was able to personalise their

cards (from James)
but that they were able to identify and address those people closest to them (Grandma)
most likely to spend money. This is precision marketing.
A perfect piece of thinking at the perfect time of year to increase sales.

Patrick Collister
Patrick Collister

Editor Directory Magazine

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