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Golden Age in St. Gallen


To celebrate his acquisition of the Lux goldsmith in St. Gallen, new owner and jewellery artist Mark Ecknauer
created a unique art deco jewellery collection.
In order to market it, the young entrepreneur organized an opening event.
The goal, in addition to presenting and selling the jewellery, was to get as many customers
of the goldsmith’s previous owner into the studio without breaking the bank.

Golden Age 3

An invitation was created that was reminiscent of the Golden Twenties.
The message of the mailing was hidden behind a golden scratch-off surface.
The invitees were asked to collect the golden dust they had scratched off in the enclosed bag and bring it to the opening event. There, the fake gold was placed on the scale and exchanged for real gold (in the form of a gift certificate).

Golden Age 2

Customers accepted the invitation in droves.
Marc Ecknauer had the opportunity to welcome more than 170 guests and was able to sell a large portion
of his high-quality art deco jewellery pieces on the exhibition night.

Our thoughts
Is Direct Mail a medium for brand communication? That’s a question I’ve heard from time to time.
Of course it is!!!!
Even a Christmas card or an invitation to a store opening says something about the brand.
In this instance, it says a lot. It says Mark Ecknauer knows exactly who he’s talking to.
He’s talking to young, affluent city-folk who have a pretty high regard of themselves.
An interesting mailing like this says to its recipients ‘you are interesting people’.

Getting them to scratch off the ‘gold’ and bring it to the event for weighing is genius.
It transformed a store opening into a piece of theatre as well as providing a unique and relevant take on the traditional coupon.

Patrick Collister
Patrick Collister

Editor Directory Magazine

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