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Hershey’s becomes talkable through its ‘eatable’ website



Brazil has been going through a severe financial crisis and to remain salient almost every brand was running promotions offering big prizes like houses, cars and money. The brief was to find a way of engaging young Brazilians, who were, perhaps, less alarmed by the situation and engage them in a way that was fun, and which might create brand affinity going forward.



The internet is the day-to-day reality of millions of young people every day. They watch, read, breathe, wake up and sleep online. So, Hershey’s gave them the opportunity to eat the internet. A whole website was turned into chocolate for the Eaternet campaign. Young Brazilians were invited to open their mouths and eat the website. A real website, with real chocolate, to really eat it.

All they had to do was buy a Hershey’s bar, use the code on the wrapper to enter the competition and then try to win a solid chocolate smile face emoji or YouTube ‘Play’ button or even a raincloud. You name it, if you could see it online, it was made in chocolate. The website was updated everyday with new chocolate pieces available. If you clicked on a piece and you won, then it was mailed to you at home.




  • 150 moulds were created from which two tons of chocolate were mailed out
  • 120,000 people registered on the website in the hope of winning a chocolate shape
  • 3.6 million people visited the website
  • There were 83 million media impressions. And sales of Hershey’s overtook Nestlé when they soared by 20%.



Mail is usually thought of as a ‘push’ medium, sending out offers and invitations. But it’s a ‘pull’ medium too, as this campaign demonstrates. It doesn’t provoke a response, it provides it. Press and online ads would have started this campaign rolling but its fulfilment was through the post and what joy it would have been as a beautifully sculpted piece of chocolate (the Jaws logo, perhaps) fell through your letter box.


This is mail as part of an integrated campaign in which Hershey’s was able to position itself in a time of gloom and anxiety as optimistic, youthful and fun. Sweet.


Patrick Collister
Patrick Collister

Editor Directory Magazine

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