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How to establish a brand that stands for sustainability



Swedish menswear brand Uniforms for the Dedicated wanted to establish their credentials as a brand

that stood for sustainability and social responsibility by setting the standards for the rest of the Swedish

fashion industry.

The task was to influence brands and consumers by taking a practical stand for sustainability.

Rag Bag 4




The insight was that for every new piece of clothing people buy, there will be an item they will never

wear again. The idea, then, was that whenever a Swedish consumer bought a new garment, he/she could

donate something old at the same time. The mechanic that made this possible was the humble shopping

bag. By turning it inside out, the rag bag turned into a pre-paid envelope that allowed shoppers to make

a donation easily. All they had to do was remove the strip, seal the package and post it to the charity of

their choice, UNICEF or Save the Children.

Naturally, the bag was biodegradable.

Rag Bag 2


“I don’t have the exact number of returns, but we have sold out of bags”, said DDB Stockholm CEO David Sandstrom.

From the website,, other companies have ordered 600,000 bags to use.

The campaign won Gold at the Swedish Guldägget Awards, Silver at EPICA, Wood and Graphite pencils

at D&AD and was shortlisted at Cannes.




Loads of marketers talk about having conversation with their customers but they don’t mean anything of

the sort. They like talking at people and are often baffled when they talk back.


Agency: DDB Stockholm

Client: Uniforms for the Dedicated

Country: Sweden


Patrick Collister
Patrick Collister

Editor Directory Magazine

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