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Ici Paris XL makes their e-commerce claim tangible to their top clients


How do you convince your top offline buyers to try out your new webshop?
Ici Paris XL knew the right answer. A likeable, impactful and tangible mailing!

The top clients of Ici Paris XL found a mysterious pink box in their letterbox, teasing them to discover

inside the perfect gadget to visit their closest Ici Paris XL store.
The closest store is off course always the webshop, for which you don’t even have to leave the house.

Therefore, a pair of branded slippers is the perfect gadget.



To lower any barrier the offline customer could have with online shopping, the ordering process is

explained in the mailing by means of a step-by-step manual. A paper mailing of course gives the time

and place to explain things in detail. A discount code helped overcome any possible last doubts.


Marinka Bollens
Marinka Bollens

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