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Iziko Natural History Museum – Fossil Biscuits


With a severely depleted communications budget, the Iziko Natural History Museum in Cape Town was slowly being forgotten.
The task was to get young visitors back to the museum, excited to be visiting.

The agency turned to a great favourite with South African kids: much-loved Zoo biscuits, which were specially adapted.

koekjes dieren

Instead of the animals shaped out of white icing usually found on top of the biscuits, the children had to ‘excavate’ to find the fossils hidden below the top layer.

nieuwe koekjes

kinderen en koekjes

fosiel koekjes

Invitations were sent to schools all over the city and when the children came to learn about fossils and archaeological digs, they left with an extra invitation to bring friends and family.

Not known.

Our thoughts
Cape Town is the World Design Capital in 2014. To win this distinction, the city had to demonstrate it recognised the power of communications to help effect social, cultural and economic change.

This sweet little idea (apologies for the pun) ticks the first two of those boxes.

Most kids will think archaeology and fossils are utterly boring but reaching them through their taste buds and thus making the discovery of ancient remains fun is terrific.

M&C Saatchi Abel
Iziko Natural History Museum
Iziko Natural History Museum
Fossil Biscuits
Direct Mail
South Africa

Creative Director:
Gordon Ray
Copywriter: Joshua De Kock
Art Direction: Carla Bekker

Sonja Genis, Billie-Jean Demas, Bronwyn Henry
Traffic: Amisha Gunpath

Account Manager:
Alex Band

Patrick Collister
Patrick Collister

Editor Directory Magazine

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