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KMS California – Shags


Hair care brand KMS California was falling out of favour with hair stylists.
Many salons were choosing to recommend newer products to customers.
The challenge for the agency was to create a campaign that would both engage
with stylists in the salons, the people who drove recommendations, as well as the end users.

The solution was Shags – a range of dolls with shaggy hair, which were mailed out to 400 salons
across Australia. Recipients were encouraged to restyle the characters, using KMS California’s Hairplay
range before sharing the results on Instagram. The dolls were also sent to key influencers in the hair-care industry.

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The KMS brand idea was ‘Play’ and this idea brought that to life in a way that invited stylists to express themselves.
As well as being designed to sit in the salon as a constant reminder as a pop culturally relevant brand,
KMS Shags were also custom built for social media with each entry amplifying the campaign and further
cementing KMS California’s credentials as pop culturally relevant brand.

To date, over 2,000 posts have been uploaded to Instagram using the hashtag #KMSShags.
Sales of KMS California have increased 27% year on year.


I have often said that mail is the original social media. That’s what’s great about this idea.
It recognises that when people do something interesting or unusual (like style the hair of a weird doll)
they want to share it with everyone. It’s then that they turn to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Google+.

I love how the physical world and the online world come together here. Something bigger has happened –
a broader reach as well as a greater depth of engagement.

Everything about this is smart. Bashful know who they are talking to; they know stylists are creative people;
they know they like to play and to show off; and that they are heavily into social media.
Result, a 27% hike in sales without a single cliché about luxury feel or soft and silky hair with a gorgeous shine.

Kao Australia
KMS California
KMS Shags
Direct Mail, Digital / Social Media
Date of campaign:
December 2013

Executive Creative Director
: Simon Bookallil
Creative Director: Emil Vrisakis
Senior Art Director: Garreth Wills
Designer: Garreth Wills
Art Director: Chloe Banicevic
Copywriter: Archie Murugaser
Online Content Producer: Vivian Huynh

Strategic Planner:
David Feenstra
Account Director: Jade Ramsey
Account Manager: Melissa Gow
Production Manager: Melissa Gow
Marketing Director: Louise Chamberlain
KMS Brand Manager: Felicity Pavier

Patrick Collister
Patrick Collister

Editor Directory Magazine

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