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NFL Sunday Ticket package – Turf War


NFL Sunday Ticket is a subscription-based television channel service offered to TELUS Optik TV subscribers.
It gives football fans access to every Sunday game on the NFL schedule.

The brief was to develop a high impact piece to a segmented group of subscribers who are avid sports fans.
These fans were shown to be passionate, loyal and devoted to the game but historically unmotivated by
traditional direct marketing.

NFL Sunday Ticket was the next best thing to being at the actual game.
Obviously it wasn’t possible to bring everyone to the game, but it was possible bring a piece of the game closer to them.
So, actual football turf was mailed. It was stencilled with a strong, clear message that would resonate with the audience;
“The Greatest Show on Turf”.
Putting an actual, tangible piece of the football field cut through the clutter of mail and instantly connected with
this audience of enthusiastic sports fans.

front kaart              back kaart

According to the toll-free tracking results, phone calls for the turf version of the NFL Sunday Ticket DM were a staggering 471% higher than the standard postcard used to test this against.

Our thoughts
There are two stories in this mailing. The first is how Cossette used data to be able to identify and then directly target sports nuts. The second is how with a little bit more thought and a little bit more money spent on the mailing itself, TELUS achieved terrific results. True, “150% more sales than the non-turf version” is vague but there is no doubt this idea generated real money returns.
It is an example of everyone doing everything right – from data analyst to planner to creative team to client. It won’t win awards, but so what? It won a bunch of new subscribers.

TELUS Communications
NFL Sunday Ticket package
Turf War

Creative Director: Antoine Becotte
Associate Creative Director: Garnet McElree
Art Director: Craig Lam
Copywriter: Kyle Darbyson, Matt Mitchell

Director of Production: April Haffenden
Production Manager: Aishaa Abdulla

Account Leads: Kelly Lewis, Lindsay Lussin

Patrick Collister
Patrick Collister

Editor Directory Magazine

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