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Nivea Men Creme: The Safe


Nivea were about to launch a revolutionary new product in the men’s skincare market, NIVEA Men Crème.
Before the launch they wanted to create buzz and arouse the curiosity of all the right people in the industry and press.

It has been said that “If you want to tease someone, put the thing they want right in front of them and don’t let them touch it”.
So, five days before the launch, a pack of NIVEA MEN Crème was placed inside a safe and mailed to a select target of opinion formers, people who would be interested in the new product.

The-Safe-1  The-Safe-5

The safe had a timer set to open only on the official launch date. Until then it remained closed without revealing its contents.
This got bloggers and journalists writing about what NIVEA was up to way before the launch itself.

The-Safe-4  The-Safe-2

Getting influencers to write about a product without paying them is no easy task but this campaign
got them writing about NIVEA not once but twice.

Firstly before the launch, when they tweeted about it or uploaded photos to Instagram.
Secondly after their safe had opened up.

In all, the campaign had an ROI of 700% with 7x over the investment generated in earned and spontaneous media coverage.

There is a simple human insight here. Denial. Tell someone they can’t do something and it’s all they want to do.
In this instance, telling vloiggers and bloggers they couldn’t see the contents of their safe led to wild speculation –
which was picked up by all their followers.

Again, it’s an example of mail as a premium medium. Expensive, yes.
But targeted, ingenious and flattering at the same time.
What this all means is that expectations of DM have changed. In the bad old days of mass mailing,
you hoped for 2% response rates, if you were lucky.
Today, with a piece like this, you’d be hoping for 100% response.

Agency: Wunderman Portugal
Client: Beiersdorf
Product: Nivea Men Creme
Title: The Safe
Country: Portugal

Creative Director: Luís Coelho
Copywriter: Luís Coelho
Art Director: Andreia Constantino

Client Manager: Filipa Penha, Costa
Production Director: Miguel Figueiredo
Production Manager: José Maria Oliveira
Account Director: Olga Orfão
Account Executive: Tiago Esteves
General Manager: Jorge Castanheira
Courier: Joaquim Matos

Patrick Collister
Patrick Collister

Editor Directory Magazine

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