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NRMA Insurance – Welcome TrackR


With the launch of NRMA Insurance’s new ‘NRMADE BETTER’ brand positioning,
the task was to welcome new customers by re-assuring them that they’d made
the right decision to take out an NRMA Insurance policy –
thus making the first step in establishing and securing the customer relationship for the long term.

foto1      foto6kaartje

Insurance companies help people protect the big things in life: cars, houses, boats and so on.
But more often than not, it’s the little things that go missing. And they can be extremely irritating to track down!
The idea was to give people a way to find their little things with something they always have on them – their mobile phone.
New customers were  welcomed with what could prove to be the greatest timesaving device ever created – the TrackR.
To use it, they simply attach it to their wallets, keys or pets.

foto3 foto4hond Insitu-1-Keys
Then if that object goes missing, they use an app to locate the object using Bluetooth,
which also makes the TrackR emit a noise.
The idea gave customers an immediate and tangible taste of the new NRMADE BETTER
positioning by giving them a quick an easy way to find things.

Since launching in December, 1,606 TrackRs have been redeemed – a redemption rate of approx.
16% – helping customers track down things like purses, remote controls, even pet guinea pigs.

And during the process, NRMA collected loads of relevant data to be used to improve any future communications.

Agency: M&C Saatchi/Lida
Client: NRMA Insurance
Product: Insurance
Title: Welcome TrackR
Media: DM
Country: Australia
Date of campaign: December 2014

Creative Directors: Stephen Anderson Al Mackie
Art Directors: John Jordan Janine Poon
Copywriters: Anton Posa Jermaine Rowe

Production: David Collier Kate Best

Account Service: Kristy Schwind Chelsey Peace Sandy Xydis

Patrick Collister
Patrick Collister

Editor Directory Magazine

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