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Children don’t like coming into optometrists, so with one in six children having a vision problem in Australia and many of those issues going undetected the task was to find a way to make parents prioritize family eye health and provide them with a way of engaging their children that is fun and easy to use.


A first of its kind was created, a story book which is also a medical tool to help mum’s screen their children’s vision.
A series of screenings were developed with the Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences at the University of Melbourne that could be operated by a parent to check their child’s vision. This research also revealed that these tests required a set of screening tools in order to create an accurate and consistent result.
Then an author/illustrator Kevin Waldron was approached, to create an engaging story that could easily incorporate the challenges provided by these screenings.
OPSM delivered these to the gatekeeper of family eye health: Mums. The idea was to build a long lasting relationship with parents looking to improve their family’s eye health by making the process of accessing further information, finding a store and booking an eye test as simple as possible. While the programme should be focused on parents and their children its affect should prioritize eye health for the entire family.
It was known that mums trust their friend’s recommendations so they wanted to create something that could be easily shared among one another to ensure maximum reach.

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By tapping into this network OPSM were able to reach children with a previously undetected vision related issue and give them the care they need.
Due to the overwhelming demand for Penny the Pirate, OPSM has committed to creating and distributing 300,000 units in the Australian and NZ markets for free.

Patrick Collister
Patrick Collister

Editor Directory Magazine

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