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Target & TOMS – Together


TOMS is a fashion brand with a one to one policy of giving an item of clothing to charity for every one they sell.
Over the Christmas period, they embarked on a new partnership with retail giant Target. With little budget,
they wanted to spread news that the two companies had come together together in a good cause and to generate awareness.

trui 1

Influencers and key customers were mailed a two-headed, double-sized ‘Together Sweater’ to wear with someone
they liked or loved to share in the spirit of the campaign. Some were mailed 4-head, 6-head and even 8-headed sweaters.
Everything was designed for sharing, from the double gingerbread man cookie to the double ribbons tying it all together.
The letter gave helpful suggestions how the sweater could be shared across social media.

trui 4 trui 5

The influencers all responded most positively. Ellen de Generes showed her Together Sweater on her TV show.
Other recipients cozied up with friends and loved ones in their sweaters and posted the images online
generating a wave of engagement with the partnership.
Over 1 million ‘Likes’ on Facebook and 283m media impressions were generated.

trui 6

Patrick Collister
Patrick Collister

Editor Directory Magazine

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