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The first car catalogue made by kids for kids



Society has changed a lot in the last 20 years. Families behave in completely different ways and when parents make decisions there is much more participation involved, the kids getting involved. Renault realised that they could not target adults alone, they needed to include children because they contribute to the purchase decision too.



In January 2017, Proximity Madrid came with the following concept. The new Renault was a family car so the idea was to offer different members of the family their own brochures. One for grown-ups made by grown-ups, one for kids made by kids. The children’s version was designed through a series of workshops in which ten kids got to experience the new car and were asked to explain its features in their own words and style. They created all the copy and all the images.

In this version of the brochure, fluorescent inks lit up the roads at night, there was an incredible pop-up of the sort of landscapes the car could cruise through and plenty of stickers. There were hidden toys to discover, a recipe for biscuits and a page on which the readers could draw their own Renault Scénics. The brochure was mailed out to prospects and could be ordered online as well.




The ongoing campaign has been a great success in Spain, with some 120,000 brochures mailed to date, leading to:

  • 37,836 users
  • 42,846 sessions on site
  • 61,493 total interactions.



Why is it that most brochures seem to have been written by a Government official? They are SO dull. The great thing about this is, even if (s)he had wanted to, the client couldn’t rewrite the copy without the whole idea being destroyed. The design has more energy and spirit than 99% of car brochures because it breaks all the rules of dramatically-lit car shots etc. And it is more interesting because of it. And behind it is a real insight. Parents do consult their children nowadays in a way they didn’t when I was young. Otherwise I would have talked my Dad out of his Rover, believe me.

Patrick Collister
Patrick Collister

Editor Directory Magazine

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