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The Power Paper


According to a study from the Federal Ministry of Health, 58% of Germans are overweight. Kingdom of Sports, one of Germany’s biggest gyms, saw there was a great opportunity for growth. But they needed to find a way to motivate their target audience to start exercising.


The mailing was printed on paper made from a special paper-polyester mix, which was impossible to rip or tear. The letter was stronger than the reader and in itself provided an incentive to start going to the gym.

strong paper 1

The copy challenged the recipient to tear the letter in half and win free membership of the gym for a year. If they couldn’t tear the letter (and they couldn’t) they were offered free membership for a month.

strond paper 2          strond paper 3


There was a 23% uplift in more new members at Kingdom of Sports compared to the same time last year.

Our thoughts

The word ‘interactive’ is generally supposed to mean some sort of online engagement. But, actually, mail was the original interactive medium. It gets people to do things like no other medium can. In this case, it gets people to test their strength and there would have been much embarrassed laughter when recipient after recipient discovered he or she was too weak to perform what should have been a simple exercise.

Intelligent and involving with impressive results.

Kolle Rebbe GmbH

Kingdom of Sports

Gyms, Fitness

Title: The Power Paper

Direct Mail


Date of campaign: January 2014


Creative team

Executive Creative Director: Sascha Hanke

Unit Creative Directors: Jens Theil, Christian Kroll

Creative Directors: Sandra Gelewski, Ales Polcar, Constantin Sossidi

Art Director: Hannah Ziegler

Copywriter: Benjamin Waldt

Graphics: Krystina Jakob, Alexej Kirk


Production credits

Production: Martin Luhe

Company: Thinkprint GmbH


Other credits

Account Management: Nina Schack

Stéphane Verbrugge
Stéphane Verbrugge

Media Community manager bpost business

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