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Uncommon Owner in Market Campaign – Land Rover


On average, Land Rover owners purchased a new vehicle every 2.5 to 5 years but
before this campaign there had been no strategy for communicating directly with existing owners.

What Land Rover knew was that many of their drivers were “sitting on the fence”,
unsure of whether they would buy another Land Rover, because

(a)  they simply wanted a change to try something new
(b)  because they had had a bad experience with the car or because
(c)  they had moved to a different sort of lifestyle and were not aware that different Land Rover models could meet their new needs/desires.

OneShow_LR_OIM_campaign_assets OneShow_LR_OIM_DMpack1 OneShow_LR_OIM_DMpack2

Proprietary data and research showed that the customer journey took three months from consideration to purchase
of a Land Rover. So a data-driven, multi-touch, rolling communication campaign was created,
which spoke to owners across a 90-day period in three distinct stages.

Emotionally it focused on re-invigorating owner feelings for the brand, reminding them what Land Rover stood for and connecting them to the brand spirit.

Rationally it showcased new innovations and refinements in the new model year.

Transactionally it reinforced the benefits of purchasing a new vehicle as the prospects got ever closer to “commitment.”
The three stages included direct mail, email, and a comprehensive website with three online videos shot for the campaign.

Owners received communications featuring the 2015 model of their existing vehicle with the exception of Land Rover’s entry-level vehicle, LR2, who were encouraged to trade up to a more superior model.

The first measure of response was through the initial direct mail pieces webkey.
The 4.66% usage rate was more than double the anticipated usage of 2% across 40 states.

Results indicated a very engaged audience. Past effective rates in 2014 ranged from 10.86% to 28.46%.
In 2015, response rates were 31.99%.

Finally, as far as sales were concerned, first wave results were amazing with
$24,240,000 in sales for an investment of less than $60,000.

Our thoughts
Technically, this is a really first-rate piece of work. Every mailing featured the specific model of Land Rover
owned by the recipient, be it a Range Rover, a Discovery or the Freelander.
And it really did establish a ‘conversation’ with the target.
Mail, email and the online experience were all meshed together over a three-month period in which
Land Rover drivers were gently herded towards their next purchase.

The other thing to notice here are the numbers. Nearly $25m of metal shifted out of the showrooms.
That’s remarkable. And proof mail really does help sell stuff.

Patrick Collister
Patrick Collister

Editor Directory Magazine

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