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WWF Belgium – Families on the verge of extinction


Worldwide there were just 3,200 tigers left in the wild.
WWF needed donors urgently to help them prevent this family of animals becoming extinct.


More than 30% of the population of Belgium have names so rare they could be said to be in endangered.
The campaign targeted these people with names on the verge of extinction and asked them to adopt a tiger.

The mailing directed people to a website where they could find out how many (or how few)
people there were left with their own family name.

They could also see videos of famous Belgians calling out other families.
These famous Belgians were also mailed direct and were sent a personalised tee-shirt to show off to others how ‘limited edition’ they really were.

Website T-Shirt 2    T-Shirt 1

Within an hour of launch the campaign had become the No.1 trending topic on Twitter.
1 in 38 Belgians were reached through social media. The story was covered in all national media.
And within two weeks WWF Belgium had received more donations than they normally got in a whole year.

Great to see that after helping produce some of the best direct work in the world at Duval Guillaume,
Katrien Bottez has now moved to Famous to help them do the same.

What I love about this campaign is that it uses data brilliantly to identify people with unusual names.
Then it uses social media to get people bragging about just how rare and unusual they are.
And lastly it is all wrapped in a metaphor. An entire species is about to be wiped out unless we do something about it.

Data. Targeting. Insight. Creativity.
The whole damn lot all in one deceptively simple campaign idea, with mail playing a really important part
in getting opinion formers involved.
If there is any justice in this world, this will win tons of awards.

 WWF Belgium
Save The Tiger
Families on the verge of extinction


CD: Katrien Bottez
Associate CD: Iwein Vandevyver
Digital CD: Laurent Dochy
Creatives: Pieter Claeys, Diederik Jeangout


Business Director: Janpieter Mels
PR: Anne-Cécile Collignon, Liesbeth Pyck
Design: Laurens Groven, Davy Dooms
Development: Thomas Mattheussen, Stijn Huyberecht
Webmaster: Benjamin Van Maldergem
Data Analyst: Arnout Everaert
Project Leader: Coppelia de Crane d’Heysselaer

Patrick Collister
Patrick Collister

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