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Coca-Cola. It’s just paper. It’s loud. It’s Rock & Roll.


Rock in Rio 2013.

Coca-Cola Zero, the official sponsor of the world’s largest music and entertainment festival launched a special edition of cans, featuring all music styles among it’s attractions.

The challenge
The challenge was to promote this launch and generate a huge buzz among music fans. So they designed a VIP-Kit, containing a full set of Coca-Cola Zero musical cans and sent it to the most influential celebrities in Brazil. The cans in the kit could be scanned with a mobile app, launching playlists from bands playing in the festival.

And to make it a complete experience, we turned the VIP Kit into a passive acoustic amplifier, making it ready to play the songs att full blast. with no cables, no electricity. Just design.

1.7 million people reached in social networks trough posts shared by celebrities.
30 thousand likes in the first day.
Over 500K US Dollar in earned media.
Sales increase in more than 5%

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