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Human Rights Watch – Le mur de Berlin est toujours debout.


Several places around the world are physically seperated by concrete barriers or fences like North Korea and South Korea, Israel and Palestine, and India and Pakistan…

Therefor the Berlin wall, as a concept symbolizing separation between people, still stands between numerous countries.

How can they get people to take action against the issue while many are not aware of the existence of walled cities.

“The Berlin Wall is Still Standing in….’ is a series of iconic photographs of people from countries where walls have been built. The person on the photo are seperated by a paper wall that you have to tear in order to see the whole picture. You can then sign the letter on the back of the paper and send it to the leader of the country concerned, asking him or her to tear down the actual wall.

Wall 1 wall 3

wall 4

wall 2


Advertising School:Miami Ad School, San Francisco, USA
Art Director:Belén M. Marquez
Copywriter:Chamsseddine Abdelhafidh
Photographers:Luca Zordan, Kim Ho-Young, Reuters, Associated Press


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